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    1. Authorized Permits
      • Authorized Permits
       Company Profile            >>more

      ★China Light Industry Xi'an Design Engineering Company Ltd (hereinafter referred to as ZQXASJ) is a subsidiary of China Haisum Engineering Co. Ltd. Its former name was China National Light Industry Xi'an Designing Institute (CNLIXDI), which was founded in 1958. According to modern corporate system, in early 2003, CNLIXDI was re-organized into ZQXASJ—a limited liability company, which is a state-owned knowledge—,technology—,and management & trial run—intensive enterprise providing engineering design, consultation, construction supervision, management, trial run and turnkey projects for clients all over the world.

       Service Fields            >>more

      1、Light & Textile Industry: pulp & paper making, paper product processing, food & fermentation, sugar making, beverage, brewery, dairy, instant & snack food, tobacco, plastic material and products, packaging & printing, cosmetics, fragrance & flavor, sanitary products, daily chemical products, domestic silicate, leather & fur products, garments, etc.
      2、Commerce, Material &Grain Facilities: cold store, meat processing & slaughterhouse, fruit & vegetable processing, cereal processing, oil processing, quick-freezer, cereal & oil further processing, superstore and storage, wholesale market and logistics.
      3、Chemical, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Industry: fuel ethanol, raw plastic material, plastic film, industry of fine chemical products, organic chemicals industry, industrial paint, biological products, oil and gas warehousing and transportation, pharmacy and medical appliance.
      4、Agricultural & Forestry: timber processing, plywood board, forestry chemical, seed, fruit and vegetable processing.

       Business Scope            >>more

      Engineering Consultation & Service Project Construction Supervision
      Engineering Design & Service Project Contracting

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